Music Licensing

Since 2003, our artists are offered a non-exclusive agreement and keep 100% of their publishing. Song and Film takes 40% of license fees only. We represent some of the most talented independent songwriters from around the world and we look forward to hearing your amazing songs!



Our songs are showcased in shows like Bloodline, Damages, Heartland, One Tree Hill.



You can hear our songs in movies like Epic Movie, Hurricane Season, Elegy, The Bag Man, and many more.



From national and regional ad campaigns to webmercials across the web, our songs are first choice.



We reach all other visual media outlets like video games, corporate events, and personal video projects.

Our Clients

Song and Film offers amazing, pre-cleared songs in all genres. Our artists are carefully selected ensuring that our clients like AMC, FOX, ABC, NBC, WB, CW, Disney, and countless others only receive the best music for their projects.